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Dissolution of Slovak company
Liquidation of the company in Slovakia (s.r.o., a.s., o.z.) "ALL INCLUSIVE"
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Dissolution of the company in Slovakia

If you want to exit your business or to cancel your company and you do not have enough time and knowledge to complete the cancellation process performed by ourselves, please contact us.

We will advise you which way of Dissolution of the company is best for you. We will prepare the groundwork for the cancellation and if it is necessary, we will take all the administrative tasks for you.

Sale of your company

We offer the possibility to sales for your company. We actively offer the companies to our business partners.

Disposal (Liquidation) of company - from € 199

Disposal of the company is the way to settle the assets and liabilities of non-judicial manner. During the liquidation is found all company assets, shall be covered by the company's liabilities to creditors and possible liquidation balance will be distributed among the members or shareholders.

The whole process of liquidation in such a case normally takes no more than 7 months.

Abolition of ex officio "ex offo" - € 150

From an administrative point of view it is easiest company to cancel company for failure to fulfill one of the obligations - "ex officio".

In this way Court has no deadline, and the process usually takes 1-2 years.

The merger of the company (Fusion) - from € 690

If you have 2 or more of the companies in Slovakia which already do not plan to use any business the easiest method of termination of is to merge 1 company to another.

The entire process of merging typically takes 5 working days.
Why use our services?

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