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Registration of the persons with significant control
to the Business Register in Slovakia
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Registration of the beneficial owner to the Business Register

We will prepare the documents for the registration of the persons with significant control in the Business Register with all legal requirements for your company.

According to the amendment to the Act on the Business Register, every legal person registered in the Business Register is obliged from 1.11.2018 to also provide information about its beneficial owner to the Business Register.

For companies already registered in the Business Register this obligation must be fulfilled additionally until 31.12.2019.

The data about beneficial owner entered in the Business Register are disclosed nowhere. They are accessible only to state authorities such as tax authorities, police, courts, etc.

Registration of beneficial owner to the Business register - only 59 €

Der reale Nutzer der Vorteile kann nur Physische Person sein, die die juristische Person kontrollier, führt, und andere Interessen an der Gesellschaft hat.

The reqiured data about persons with significant control (beneficiary owners):

  • name, surname
  • birth number or date of birth if the birth number has not been assigned
  • address of permanent residence or other residence
  • nationality
  • type and number of identity document
  • data establishing the status of beneficiary owner (Section 6a of the Act on Protection against the Legalization of Income from Crime 297/2008)

In case of any queries we are at your disposal.
Why use our services?

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