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Virtual office in Slovakia
6 addresses in Bratislava
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Virtual Office in Slovakia

We provide Registered office for companies in Bratislava capital of Slovakia. Main advantage of virtual office is reduction of rental and operating costs connected with maintaining an own office.

Virtual Office - from € 14 / month

Virtual Office for company offering a wide range of additional services under the name Virtual Office. The basis of the virtual office is able to use our address as the address of your company, including the possibility of forwarding mail to your chosen address, notification of the received mail by email, telephone or by SMS. Fast arrangement of an office without necessity of a personal visit.

We offer Virtual Office on this adresses in Bratislava:

- on Osadná street, Bratislave - from 14€ / month

- on Vyšehradskej street, Bratislave - from 16€ / month

- in complex Vienna gate, on Kopčianska street, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- on Konventná, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- on Klincová, Bratislave - from 21 / month

- in historical center of Bratislava on Michalska street, Bratislave - from 33 / month

Vyšehradská Vienna Gate, Kopčianska Klincová Michalská

Rental of meeting rooms

Frequently used service in the use of virtual office is a short-term rental of meeting rooms directly at the address of your company.

In our premises on Klincova Street can be rented air-conditioned meeting rooms with refreshments with a capacity of 5 persons, on the Michalska street for 6 persons and on the Kopčianska street for 5 people.

Zasadačka Kopčinska Zasadačka Ružová dolina Zasadačka Klincová
The company’s seat is the address of a legal person registered in Business register and partially determined on the founding document and petitioner, a person who is demanding for registration in the Business Register.


The fax service will be allocated to traditional telephone customers in the Bratislava area code number 02 (can be also different preferences in Slovakia and other EU countries).

Faxes will be accepted on our company and will be re-sent email, or sent or re-sent to the customer along with other mail in printed form.

Price for receiving faxes at € 8 per month for an annual payment. So € 96 / year.

If you are interested in other services, contact us.

Our company offers Ltd. company formation in Slovakia too.

If you need a company immediately you can buy existing Ready Made Company with which you can start a business to 24 hours!
Why use our services?

Experience since 2009

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