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Benefits of incorporation Ltd. in Slovakia
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Benefits of incorporation limited company in Slovakia

Doing business in the name of a limited company has several advantages over business freelancer (individual entrepreneur):
  • legal person Ltd. is trustworthy business partner for contracts, mergers and bank loans because they are seen as stronger capital and business are more experienced compared to the natural person (commercial)

  • companion Ltd. warrants against all risks of business only to the extent of its outstanding capital registered in the Commercial Register (the repayment of the entire share capital does not guarantee nothing) but secured his whole self disposable assets

  • companion Ltd. Unlike the joint stock company may be a legal or natural person

  • Capital Company may be stored in a bank like. in CR (the statement is sufficient investment manager who will prepare)

  • venturer or agent Ltd. (if not a company employee and receive a reward for performance) not required to pay contributions to Social Security. On the other hand, although the self has no income, must by law pay monthly contributions to social insurance in the minimum statutory rate. Today, about 90, - per month

  • Companion Ltd., which has income only from corporate taxation that income is not taxed already, that Slovakia has a zero tax on dividends

  • In case of problems
  • company's market dismissal of employees can be more easily treated in the legal than individual

  • property Ltd. is completely separated from the assets of members

  • the death of a partner company shall not be extinguished, but passes to heirs, where applicable, if the formation of the deed referred to other people
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