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Formation of Joint Stock Company in Slovakia
Set up Corporation in Slovakia and Czech Republic
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Joint Stock Company (Corporation) Formation in Slovakia

We offer a free consultations to recommend the best way to Form a Joint Stock Company, ownership structure and business activities based on your requirements.

Joint Stock Company Company (a.s.) Formation in Slovakia - 880€

We offer "ALL INCLUSIVE" service - we prepare all documents and client only sign documents in Notary presence in Slovakia.

Joint Stock Company Incorporation in Slovakia "ALL INCLUSIVE"

Formation of the new Joint Stock Company (Corporation) means the preparation of all necessary documents for establishing of the company, consultation about business activities, arrangement of the trade license, registration of the company into the Business Register and company registration with the tax authorities for payment of income tax.

Our price includes a registration fee of incorporation, which is by the classical administration of € 750 Since the application is made electronically, we pay a reduced fee.

The price for establishing a new Joint Stock Company "ALL INCLUSIVE" includes following services:

1. Our trained staff will analyze your needs and will recommend the most appropriate form of business, business objects, etc..
2. Prepare all necessary documents for setting up a company
3. Arrange on your behalf issuing trade licenses (valid throughout Slovakia)
4. Prepare and file a motion for registration of the company to Business Register, and then take an extract from the Business Register
5. Register your company at tax office to the payment of income tax
6. We will hand over all documents to you and you can start business

The entire process of establishing a company typically takes 10-14 working days.
Other costs associated with the establishment of Joint Stock company:
  • 0€ fee for issuing a trade license for the free trade licences
  • Fees on notary Notarial deed - from 150 Eur for capital 25 000 Eur
For Joint Stock Company we can provide:

Basic information about Joint Stock Company (in English known as Corporation) in Slovakia:

In Slovak Republic is tax on corporate income at 21% and VAT at 20%. In Slovakia is no tax on dividends or share of the profits. From 1.1.2017 will be dividend tax for individuals 7%.

Minimal capital of Joint Stock Company is € 25 000. It is required to pay capital to the bank account.

A Joint Stock Company can establish two or more individuals, as well as one or more entities. Minimum stock price of is € 1.

Stockholder can be a foreigner (from ANY country) and does not have to have a permanent residence in Slovakia.

Director can be a foreigner (only EU citizens or OECD citizens are allowed) and does not have to have a permanent residence in Slovakia.

The main advantage of the business through a Joint Stock Company is a limitation of Liability for the amount of capital, € 25000 is standard, by contrast, self liable for its obligations with all property.

A significant further advantage is the higher prestige of Joint Stock Company and perhaps most interesting is the possibility of the tax optimization, which allows you to save up to several tens of percent of income.

Slovak Republic has concluded a treaty on avoidance of double taxation with Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, China, Denmark, Finland, Holland, France, Croatia, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, South Africa - South Africa, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, USA, Germany, Sri Lanka, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Nigeria, Great Britain, Mongolia, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Serbia and Montenegro, Luxembourg.

Obligation to use electronic Data Mailboxes from 1.7.2017

All Slovak state authorities after 1.7.2017 comunicate with Slovak companies via Electronic MailBoxes.

If the director of the company is foreign citizen and has not resident in Slovakia, there is no possibility for him how to access to electronic Data Mailbox of his company.

For this reason, we have to offer the service the service - ensure of access to electronic Data Mailbox under power of attorney.
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