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Establish limited company in Czech Republic
in Slovakia and Czech Republic - fast, reliably and in good price
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Establish LTD (s.r.o.) in Czech Republic

We offer a free consultation, on which we will recommend the best way for establishing of the Limited company ownership structure, business activities based on your requirements and answer all your questions about the establishment of the Limited company.

Limited company formation "ALL INCLUSIVE" - € 750

We furnish all the appurtenances needed for setting up a company without your personal presence in Czech Republic. Our staff ensures issue of Trade license, registers a company in the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic and provides company registration with the tax authorities for payment of income tax.
The most popular form of legal entity in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic is a Limited Liability company (s.r.o.). To establish a company you need capital stock at least 200 000,- CZK and is required to provide proof of this payment.

For this reason our customers prefer to buy ready made companies, where capital is already paid and they do not need to proof the payment.
The price of Formation of Limited company includes:
  • verify the accuracy of company (because of substitutability)
  • represented by a notary (notarial deed)
  • preparation of all necessary documents required for incorporation,
  • representation at the Trade Register (furnishing of permission and concession documents)
  • filing the application for registration of incorporation,
  • registration with the competent tax authority for taxes, and the possibility of registration for VAT
The whole process of formation takes about 14-20 working days.
Advantages of Czech Limited company (s.r.o.):
  • Income tax in the Czech Republic is 19% (in Slovakia from 1.1.2014 will be 22%)
  • minimum inspection by the tax authorities
  • the transfer of the company does not require the consent of the Tax Office
  • registration fee of corporate vehicle is 800 EUR
  • easier registration for VAT
  • we are invoicing without VAT to Slovak customers and other EU members

Characteristics of a Limited company:

The founders of a Limited company can be individuals and legal entities. Formation of Limited company is also possible by one natural person. The founder can also be a foreign person. One individual could be only one shareholder at most of three limited liability companies. The maximum number of shareholders is 50.

Minimum deposit of each shareholder is 20 000 CZK in accordance with applicable legislation. On the establishment of Limited company can attend each shareholder only by one deposit. Minimum share capital is 200 000 CZK. Unlike Slovak Limited company is necessary to proof the composition of capital, preferably to a bank account opened on the name of the company.

Company is incorporated as a legal entity on the date when is registered in the Trade register. That day company has legal personality.

Other requirements and details you can find in Act No. 513/1991 Coll., Commercial Code as amended.
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