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Ready Made companies in Czech Republic
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Ready Made companies s.r.o. (Limited) in Czech Republic

We offer for sale Ready made companies formed solely for the purpose of resale to the customers and therefore never carried any business. . They are without a history of commitments, claims and have paid-up capital.

When the company s.r.o. is established, is required to prove the repayment of capital stock at least 200 000 CZK. Therefore ready-made companies are normally used, because are already registered at the Business Register.

Already established company has paid-up capital, never traded, do not have any commitments, and it was established only for the purpose of its transfer to client.

Ready made s.r.o. - From 750 €

When you buy a ready-made s.r.o. you can start your business in a few hours. Ready-made company will transfer to the new owner during a one visit of a notary in Bratislava. It is the easiest and fastest way to start a business.
The price of Ready Made Company Ltd. includes:
  • representation at a notary (Notarial deed of transfer)
  • preparation of all necessary documents needed for the transfer of shares,
  • paid-up capital of the company,
  • representation at the Trade register if you would like to add trade (equipment authorization and concession documents)
  • apply for registration of changes in the company's incorporation,
  • registration at the competent tax authorities for VAT, if you are interested.
Advantages Czech Ltd.:
  • Income tax in the Czech Republic is 19%
  • minimum inspection by the tax authorities
  • the transfer of the company does not require the consent of the Tax Office
  • registration fee of corporate vehicle is 800 CZK (cca. 32€)
  • easier registration for VAT
  • issuing invoices without VAT to Slovak customers and other EU members
Why use our services?

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