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Ready Made companies in Slovakia
Company Consulting s.r.o.


Why use our services:

Ready Made companies s.r.o. (Limited) in Slovakia

For clients from the other countries we ensure establishing of the company in Slovak Republic without having to travel to Slovakia. You can verify all necessary documents by entrusted employee of Slovak Embassy anywhere in the world and we will arrange everything for you.

If you are interested in buying Slovak Ready Made s.r.o. (Ltd., Limited) company, please contact us with your requirements. We will present you the current offer.

Ready-Made Company s.r.o. (Ltd., Limited) - from € 499

We offer for sale Ready-made s.r.o. (Ltd., Limited) companies, formed solely for the purpose of resale to the clients and therefore they never carried any business. They are without a history of commitments and debts are paid up.

After purchasing Ready-made company you can start your business within a few hours. Companies are ready for immediate sale with all the legal documents. Other changes will be subsequently registered in the Commercial Register in about 2 to 6 days.

For each transfer of Ready made companies we guarantee that the company is free of legal defects, has no obligations and has fulfilled all tax liabilities.

It is possible to change the name and address of the company, business activities, directors and shareholders. In the case of interest we provide the VAT registration.

For the implementations of the transfer of Ready made company is needed the participation of all new directors and owners. Proof of identity (ID card, passport) of directors and owners is needed, if purchaser is an artificial legal we need an extract from the Commercial Register. Extracts from the criminal records of new directors and evidence of new registered office of the company (consent of owners or lease contract) must be provide no later than 15 days from the date of transfer.

List of Ready-Made companies

List of VAT registered companies

Ready Made companies available for sell usually have the following items of business:
  • purchase of goods for sale to the final consumer (retail) or other business operators (wholesale)
  • middleman services
  • middleman trade
  • business, organizational and economic consultants
  • computer services

Obligation to use electronic Data Mailboxes from 1.7.2017

All Slovak state authorities after 1.7.2017 comunicate with Slovak companies via Electronic MailBoxes.

If the director of the company is foreign citizen and has not resident in Slovakia, there is no possibility for him how to access to electronic Data Mailbox of his company.

For this reason, we have to offer the service the service - ensure of access to electronic Data Mailbox under power of attorney.

The transfer of business objects can be extended to new objects or cancel those for which you are interested.
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